Small Business Hosting

Our small business hosting package gives you the server space and hardware capacity to handle a significant amount of traffic in today’s terms, but it is worthy of note that not all traffic is created equal. We make valuable recommendations to you on the construction and management of your site’s content, and give you the tools to do that yourself. There is no silver bullet for success on the web, nor can anyone underestimate the value of an experienced - albeit expensive - SEO and marketing consultant. With some very basic, common-sense strategy, however, any small business owner can get a website up and running and performing on their own.

The Small Business Hosting Package, $19.99 per month, includes the standard site migration from your existing host and/or new site setup* plus extended recommendations and basic strategy for managing your site in such a way that it serves your business needs.

Small Business Hosting - $19.99 per Month, with No Contract.
FREE Site Setup & Transfer
Email & Webmail Accounts - Unlimited
Website Traffic Statistics
Do-It-Yourself Content Publishing
Hard Disk Space 10 GigaBytes
Traffic Volume per Month (Bandwidth) 50 GigaBytes
Monthly Price $19.99
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* Provision of a new website is limited to new blog, forum or CMS-based website & theme installation and initalization with client information, plus initialization of email accounts.

All hosting packages include, at a minimum, the following technical features, which may or may not be important to you as a business or website owner depending upon your degree of involvement in technical tasks:

Free Templates 
Secure Backups 
No Contract! 
99.9% Uptime Guarantee 
Sub Domains 
POP3 Accounts 
MySQL Databases 
FTP Accounts 
PHP 4 & 5 with Zend  Optimizer 
MySQL 4+ 
Ruby On Rails 
Image Magick 
Streaming Audio/Video 
Free PHP/Perl Module Installation 
Web Mail 
E-mail Alias 
Auto Responders 
Mailing Lists 
Catch Alls 
Spam Assassin 
Mail Forwards 
IMAP Support 
Multi Language 
Hotlink Protection 
IP Deny Manager 
Custom Error Pages 
Redirect URL 
Web Based File Manager 
PW Protected Directrories 
Instant Blogs 
Instant Customer Support Desks 
Instant PHPnuke 
Instant Forums 
Instant Guestbook 
Instant Portals 
Instant Counter 
Instant FormMail 
AWstats (Real Time Updates) 
Raw Log Manager 
Referrer Logs 
Error Logs 
Shared SSL 
Agora Cart 
Cube Cart