The User’s Bill of Rights

(This is not intended to supplant, supplement or otherwise impinge upon the topics covered in the social web user’s bill of rights.)

  1. Any User with the basic knowledge of Word processors is entitled to be able to edit and produce website content in point-and-click fashion, without having to learn new skills
  2. Any User willing to maintain updated content on a website should be permitted to do so without being forced to learn new skills or pay additional monies per incident
  3. A User has the right to leverage existing web publishing technologies without having to pay some web guru to reinvent them (poorly)
  4. A User visiting an ostensibly maintained website has the right to view periodically updated content and not the same content which was on the site two and a half years ago
  5. A User visiting a website has the right to not have to chase floating DHTML or Flash banner advertisements across the screen like house flies
  6. A User visiting a website has the right to find what they are looking for immediately
  7. A User making a purchase on a website has the right to do as little work as possible in order to complete the sale