About Us

For many small- to medium-sized businesses, website development and hosting represents a low-value task; it is difficult to perceive ROI, and yet without a website there is no way to give online users access to your business.

We’ve watched client after client go from one economy-class web hosting service to another in a search for the right combination of features and service. People in search of a hosting service need a quick, turnkey solution, and not more problems. The problem we try to fix is that many web hosting vendors are content to provision server space and login credentials, and then tell the customer “good luck!” Cpanel, MX records, and phpMyAdmin are not relevant to a small business owner purchasing a hosting service for $20/month in order to advertise and grow their business. The going rate for server technical support for server administrator well-versed in the above starts at around $50/hour. This is simply not practical for small business owners.

Our goal is to insulate those who need their website to perform from the technical problems traditionally encountered by those who purchase “turnkey” economy hosting. Site development recommendations made by UserDrivenHosting.com revolve around your business objectives. User Driven Hosting is not out to compete with other web hosting companies because we simply do not offer the same thing. We will get your site up and running - quickly - and help you maintain it at affordable rates so you can run your business and focus on high-value tasks.